Welcome to my learning space. I’m a former JI teacher currently working as a daycare provider. I chose this change in my career so I could spend more time at home with my awesome family. Even though I’m not working in a formal educational setting, I’m still learning. A lot! Every day! And I think I have a lot more to learn about myself as an educator and about how kids learn. So I guess that’s why I’m still content to be working from home. Well that, and I also got a dog who really likes spending all day with me and the kids. She even sits with us at circle time and we include her in our hello song (but her favourite is Farmer in the Dell). Adorable or what!! But anyway I am thinking about going back to formal teaching. So I’m taking some courses at RUC Redeemer University College. I live to love, laugh and learn. And my goal for this blog is to do just that.


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